Why Not Me? by Tanner Massey

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Why Not Me? by Tanner Massey


Here is my first original song, ‘Why not me?’.  I am so happy to be sharing it with you and it only starts my journey to bring more music to each of you. TYSM!!

‘Why Not me?’ 30 second clip


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Product Description

@TanFans check out Tanner’s first original song!

It’s all about asking the question Why Not Me and proving to yourself that you are just as good as anyone else and to give those who are sometimes picked last and chance to be picked first.
Hope you enjoy it!

We also want to let you know how much we truly appreciate each of you for such amazing support!


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  • Also, I've had this song in my head all day but I don't know who sings it. I just know this part Well you can tell… https://t.co/EkU8FQ6X3k
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